Puppy School Berkeley and South Gloucestershire classes are run by Alice Crick

It was her first dog ‘Toby’ that sparked Alice’s love and passion for dogs. As an older rescue dog, Toby proved to be ‘just a bit’ of a handful! It was then that Alice experienced first-hand, the difficulties that can be encountered in fully mature adult dog due to lack of adequate socialisation, habituation and basic training as a young puppy.

Working through these issues with Toby proved to be her inspiration for becoming a Puppy School tutor. By running Puppy School classes, Alice feels that she can make a real difference by helping owners lay the foundations for their puppies to get the best start in life. 

After leaving the corporate world of publishing behind her, Alice currently works with a brilliant team of fellow dog-minded people as the manager of popular rescue and boarding establishment. Alice regularly attends many lectures and seminars across the UK studying Canine Behaviour and Psychology and is currently studying for a degree in this field.

Like all Puppy School Tutors, Alice has been personally tutored by internationally renowned dog behaviour expert, Gwen Bailey and is also applying for membership of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

All the positive training methods Alice uses are up to date, and she emphasises on making training a fun experience for puppies and owners.

Reward based learning not only helps build a lifelong relationship with your puppy based on mutual trust, but it is now proving to be an extremely effective way of teaching puppies, and both Alice and Puppy School only promote the kindest methods.

With easy to follow homework hand-outs and all the on-line and on-call assistance you will need, classes are easy and effective but most importantly fun for both owners and puppies.

Alice is here to help you achieve success in owning a well-balanced, well-adjusted, all round fantastic family dog!