• Up to date, fun, positive, kind and effective reward based methods
  • A six week course with a fully qualified Puppy School tutor

  • Classes with small number of puppies allowing for individual attention for each owner and their puppy

  • Important socialisation and off-lead play with other puppies

  • An easy progression as all puppies start and progress together 

  • A safe and secure environment

  • A welcome atmosphere - all family members including children are welcome

  • Weekly homework hand-outs and booklets to help guide you and your puppy through each training exercise

  • Email and phone support throughout the course

  • Graduation party with special Puppy School certificate and rosette

At Puppy School, we understand that each individual puppy will learn at a different rate so there is absolutely no pressure. With small, intimate classes, Alice will always be on hand to give one-on-one advice and assist with specific exercises.

Exercises progress gradually over the six sessions to further your puppy's knowledge & development.

Individual pieces of soft vet bed are provided for each puppy in class and upon arrival, Kong’s are handed out to each puppy to help them relax and feel settled and content throughout the class.

At the end of the six weeks, your puppy will receive a very special Puppy School certificate of attendance and graduate rosette.

Puppy School classes are all about enjoying the experience, building up a relationship of trust with your puppy and having fun!